Top 10 Friends Episodes

6. The One After the Superbowl Part 1

This is one of the best episodes of Friends for several reasons. First, we have Phoebe singing “truth” songs to a bunch of kids at the library, including classics about how hamburgers are made, and why Grandma no longer comes to dinner.

Then we have Joey’s crazy stalker fan, cameoed by Brooke Shields, who believes that his Days of Our Lives character, Dr Drake Ramoray, is actually a real person. And of course we have Ross’s emotional reunion with his pet monkey Marcel, who’s now starring in commercials in New York City.

Hilarious moments include Joey getting water thrown in his face by most of his friends, and Phoebe’s songs.

Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo.
The the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up,
And that’s how we get hamburgers.

Noooowwww, chickens!

TOW after the superbowl part 1

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